NETSH - Windows XP/2000

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Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1986-2001 Microsoft Corp.
C:\WINDOWS>netsh lan ?

The following commands are available:

Commands in this context:
?              - Displays a list of commands.
add            - Adds a configuration entry to a table.
delete         - Deletes a configuration entry from a table.
dump           - Displays a configuration script.
export         - Saves LAN profiles to XML files.
help           - Displays a list of commands.
reconnect      - Reconnects on an interface.
set            - Configures settings on interfaces.
show           - Displays information.

To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then
type ?.


netsh lan - Windows 2000/XP - command Changes to the `netsh lan' context. - Windows 2000/XP
netsh, lan, cmd, command, Windows, 2000/XP
Quick - Link:
netsh diag show: Shows mail, news, proxy, computer, operating system, network adapter, modem and network client information.
netsh routing ip nat: Changes to the `netsh routing ip nat' context.
netsh interface portproxy add: Adds a configuration entry to a table.
netsh routing ipx netbios add: Adds a configuration entry to a list of entries.
netsh ras ip dump: Displays a configuration script.
netsh interface ip add address: Adds an IP address to the specified interface.


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