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Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7000]
(C) Copyright 2009 Microsoft Corp.
C:\Windows>netsh advfirewall ?

The following commands are available:

Commands in this context:
?              - Displays a list of commands.
consec         - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall consec' context.
dump           - Displays a configuration script.
export         - Exports the current policy to a file.
firewall       - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall firewall' context.
help           - Displays a list of commands.
import         - Imports a policy file into the current policy store.
mainmode       - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall mainmode' context.
monitor        - Changes to the `netsh advfirewall monitor' context.
reset          - Resets the policy to the default out-of-box policy.
set            - Sets the per-profile or global settings.
show           - Displays profile or global properties.

The following sub-contexts are available:
consec firewall mainmode monitor

To view help for a command, type the command, followed by a space, and then
type ?.


netsh advfirewall - Windows Seven - command Changes to the `netsh advfirewall' context. - Windows Seven
netsh, advfirewall, cmd, command, Windows, Seven
Quick - Link:
netsh p2p collab contact: Changes to the `netsh p2p collab contact' context.
netsh bridge set: Sets configuration information.
netsh nap client set: Sets configuration.
netsh advfirewall show publicprofile: Displays properties for the public profile.
netsh mbn show tracing: Shows whether Mobile Broadband tracing is enabled or disabled.
netsh advfirewall mainmode delete rule: Deletes all matching mainmode rules.


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