ColorConsole [Version 1.3.3000]
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Displays the amount of used and free memory in your system.


 /PROGRAM or /P   Displays status of programs currently loaded in memory.
 /DEBUG or /D     Displays status of programs, internal drivers, and other
 /CLASSIFY or /C  Classifies programs by memory usage. Lists the size of
                  programs, provides a summary of memory in use, and lists
                  largest memory block available.

Creates, deletes, or lists a volume mount point.

MOUNTVOL [drive:]path VolumeName
MOUNTVOL [drive:]path /D
MOUNTVOL [drive:]path /L

   path        Specifies the existing NTFS directory where the mount
               point will reside.
   VolumeName  Specifies the volume name that is the target of the mount
   /D          Removes the volume mount point from the specified directory.
   /L          Lists the mounted volume name for the specified directory.

Possible values for VolumeName along with current mount points are:

   \\?\Volume        C:\

   \\?\Volume        D:\

   \\?\Volume        A:\

Microsoft (R) Message Queue Backup\Restore Utility Version 3.00
Copyright (C) Microsoft 1997-2001. All rights reserved.

Usage:mqbkup [-b | -r] [-y] backup_path

-bbackup to backup_path
-rrestore from backup_path
-ydon't prompt (Yes to all questions)
-?print this help


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The command mem - Displays the amount of used and free memory in your system.

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