ColorConsole [Version 1.3.3000]
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Attaches a user session to a terminal session.

TSCON [/DEST:sessionname]
       [/PASSWORD:pw] [/V]

 sessionid          The ID of the session.
 sessionname        The name of the session.
 /DEST:sessionname  Connect the session to destination sessionname.
 /PASSWORD:pw       Password of user owning identified session.
 /V                 Displays information about the actions performed.

Disconnects a terminal session.

TSDISCON [sessionid | sessionname] [/SERVER:servername] [/V]

 sessionid           The ID of the session.
 sessionname         The name of the session.
 /SERVER:servername  Specifies the Terminal server (default is current).
 /V                  Displays information about the actions performed.

Ends a process.

TSKILL processid | processname [/SERVER:servername] [/ID:sessionid | /A] [/V]

 processid           Process ID for the process to be terminated.
 processname         Process name to be terminated.
 /SERVER:servername  Server containing processID (default is current).
                        /ID or /A must be specified when using processname
                        and /SERVER
 /ID:sessionid       End process running under the specified session.
 /A                  End process running under ALL sessions.
 /V                  Display information about actions being performed.


HTTP: ... console/en/166.htm


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