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The examples for the command "mrinfo"

It is important to note that the use of mrinfo may no longer be supported on modern versions of Windows. `mrinfo` is a command line utility used on Windows systems to provide information about the health of multicast routers and hosts on a network. Here is the help for the `mrinfo` command:

mrinfo -A IPAddress [-s SourceIPAddress] [-n] [-p UDPport] [-d] [-v] [-h]

Arguments: - `-A IPAddress`: The IPv4 or IPv6 address of the destination multicast router. - `-s SourceIPAddress`: The IPv4 or IPv6 address of the source host. This parameter is optional. - `-n`: Display the results in numeric form. - `-p UDPport`: Specifies the UDP port on which the request is sent to the destination multicast router. - `-d`: Enables debug mode. - `-v`: Print detailed information. - `-h`: Display help. Example:

mrinfo -A -s -p 9876

This example uses `mrinfo` to retrieve information about the multicast router with address ``. The request is sent from the source IP address `` and the UDP port is set to `9876`. Please note that `mrinfo` is typically used to diagnose multicast problems in networks.

"mrinfo" Excerpt from Microsoft Windows Help

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19045.3693]
(c) Copyright 1985-2023 Microsoft Corp.


Usage: mrinfo [-n?] [-i address] [-t secs] [-r retries] destination
 -n           Display IP addresses in numeric format
 -i address   Address of local interface to send query out
 -t seconds   Timeout in seconds for IGMP queries (default = 3 seconds) 
 -r retries   Number of extra times to send the SNMP queries (default = 0)         
 -?           Print Usage
 destination  Address or name of destination

Important information, tips for the "mrinfo" command

There are a few important points to note when using the `mrinfo` command: 1. Permissions: Depending on the system configuration, the user running `mrinfo` may need certain permissions to retrieve multicast information. Make sure the user has the necessary rights. 2. Firewall Settings: Check the firewall settings to ensure that the UDP port used for `mrinfo` is not blocked. `mrinfo` usually uses UDP for communication. 3. Multicast Routing Configuration: Make sure the multicast routing configuration is set up properly on your network. If `mrinfo` returns no information, this could indicate problems with multicast routing. 4. IP addresses and ports: Check whether the specified IP addresses and UDP ports are correct. Incorrect addresses or ports can result in `mrinfo` being unable to retrieve information. 5. Add Firewall Exceptions: If you are using a firewall on your system, add an exception for the UDP port used for `mrinfo`. This can help avoid communication problems. 6. Use debug mode: If necessary, you can enable debug mode (`-d`) to get more detailed information while running `mrinfo`. This can be helpful when troubleshooting. 7. Version Compatibility: Make sure that the version of `mrinfo` on your system is compatible with the network infrastructure in use. Incompatibilities could lead to unexpected behavior. 8. Understand network topology: Understand the topology of your network and the location of the multicast router. This is important to use the correct IP addresses and port for the request. If you are unsure, it is advisable to consult your network's documentation and the help for `mrinfo`.

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The command mrinfo - Display IP addresses in numeric format ....

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