ColorConsole [Version 1.3.3000]
Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

Stores the current directory for use by the POPD command, then
changes to the specified directory.

PUSHD [path | ..]

 path        Specifies the directory to make the current directory.

If Command Extensions are enabled the PUSHD command accepts
network paths in addition to the normal drive letter and path.
If a network path is specified, PUSHD will create a temporary
drive letter that points to that specified network resource and
then change the current drive and directory, using the newly
defined drive letter.  Temporary drive letters are allocated from
Z: on down, using the first unused drive letter found.

Removes (deletes) a directory.

RMDIR [/S] [/Q] [drive:]path
RD [/S] [/Q] [drive:]path

   /S      Removes all directories and files in the specified directory
           in addition to the directory itself.  Used to remove a directory

   /Q      Quiet mode, do not ask if ok to remove a directory tree with /S

Recovers readable information from a bad or defective disk.

RECOVER [drive:][path]filename
Consult the online Command Reference in Windows XP Help
before using the RECOVER command.



HTTP: ... console/en/050.htm


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